Ride the Superstition Zipline!

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[/f-slider][desc class=”home-desc”]Located at Goldfield Ghost Town, check out our daring, dynamic and one-of-a-kind Zipline. Day and Night rides available for only $12 per person. Additional rides only $6 [/desc]
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[box nopadding=”false”]Superstition Zipline. Located at Goldfield Ghost Town, this once bustling mining town, is just minutes outside of Phoenix, Arizona. It’s a unique home to our daring, dynamic, and one of a kind Zipline created by world renowned Stan Checketts. Creator of amusement park thrill rides like “The Stratosphere” and the “VooDoo Zipline” in Las Vegas, the “World’s Fastest Roller Coaster”, and his newest creation, the “TERROR-Dactyl” in Colorado! Along with many other thrill rides at Six Flags, and Disney amusement parks. Safe for all ages for any occasion, whether it be a family vacation, anniversary, birthday, or corporate event. Let us take you on a breathtaking journey, on the Superstition Zipline![/box]

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